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jelly-jellyfish-fish replied to your post: just finished editing nearly 2 hours of footage of…

Please!!!!!!!!!! I want to watch.

it’s too long to post on tumblr and youtube won’t let me upload anything????

fuck hELP

just finished editing nearly 2 hours of footage of me painting my mug down to 10 minutes, it’s rendering as we speak

even though probably no one is speaking 

i wonder if i should post it hm

survey time thank you jessie

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i was looking through my old messages on my okcupid account and two years ago


i was messaging with …dorian ????

angry with my brain tbh

there’s a part of me that just wants to fantasize about dorian changing his mind and everything is perfect etc forever but

there’s a cute guy who i’ve been chatting with lately and he called me “so damn adorable” recently so that’s good. mostly i think i just miss having someone to be cute and intimate with. it’s nice to feel wanted

feeling mopey and sad is getting so BORING ugh i hate it i hate it i hate it

i was gonna watch 500 days of summer to make myself feel better but it’s not on netflix so i guess i’m gonna make snickerdoodles and watch doctor who or wilfred or something

also there’s a really dumb childish part of me that just wants to find someone for a fling and post cute photos of myself with them on instagram or something

witchcraft hasn’t brought us back together yet so maybe i’ll give jealously a shot. i’m just goin down the checklist tbh

tomorrow is a week since it happened and i think i’m doing…. better? like i’m still hella bummed about it but i’m not crying or being really gross about it much anymore

it makes me really anxious to try dating again though, like a whoever-it-is-won’t-be-him kinda thing. it also makes me really anxious to think of him dating again so there’s that. he keeps posting these awful pokemon pickup memes on instagram like “are you an ether? because you sure make my pp go up” and it’s distressing because 1. i don’t want to think about him trying to pick anyone up and 2. that’s….really bad